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Math, English Tutoring in Norwalk, Stamford, Greenwich, CT

Best Math, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Breakdancing Tutoring Match Making Company in Norwalk CT servicing, Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven Counties!





We are not a learning center, but home and Online tutoring agency Servicing Norwalk CT Area and other areas in CT and NY

Learning Centers will cost you more money in tutoring expenses and be less effective!  Home and online Tutoring or self-study is the best alternative for affordable education but at higher quality. 



What we Offer!

We offer several types of educational types of services!

  1. Local
  2. Online
  3. Self Study
  4. Hybrid Math Tutoring
  5. Online Math Tutoring
  6. Non Commission Based Tutoring Services no middle man involved (lower match making quality type of service)
  7. Paid Math + IT Internships in Norwalk CT for students residing in Fairfield, Westchester, and New Haven counties.



Types of Tutoring Business Out there and where we stand.

     There are many sites out there that have tons of tutors, but did you know that many of them do not pre-screen candidates, do not provide methods for students to interview tutors face to face, do not have flexible contracts, and do not charge commission, but in exchange Norwalk CT parents end up with some tutor who they did not like was not compatible with what they were looking for or simply ended up being criminal. 

         We review candidates carefully before enrolling them into our company.   Each tutor is an independent contractor and declares his/her own hourly rates, resulting in economy of scale and student always end up choosing the best deal or at least having the flexibility to chose the best deal.  Something that other agencies mostly don't do, and declare hourly rates themselves, costing parents tons of money just for commission alone!  

We on the other hand let our tutors declare their own rate, and if you do not like the hourly rate of specific tutor we have functionality where you can suggest your own hourly rate!  Resulting in a lower price for tutor. 

Anyway, it may seem that price may not be the only thing that you are looking for when getting a tutor, other things parents look for custom based match.

Custom filtering workflow to sort out responsible tutors from irresponsible!

         We have custom filtering mechanism to enroll our tutors, that no other tutoring agency use,  Custom filtering mechanisms involve reviewing candidates before they join, running background check before tutoring match happens, understanding what educator has to offer on the table before accepting such tutor in our network.  

Redirecting tutor to other sites if a tutor has not enough valid experience and then revisiting back specific tutor's profile to see if he/she has obtained additional experience, prior to enrolling tutor into our network. 

Evaluating tutor's resume, taking tutor through the process of website registration etc, review our processes of how strict we are with enrollment for tutoring jobs here.


What differentiates us from other Tutoring Companies


  1. We allow our tutors to meet face to face with the student's parent/guardian before match happens, Parents can meet tutors directly over Tablet PC, IPAD, or Microsoft, or PC with cam before tutor shows up at student's home in Norwalk CT.  Other agencies simply do not provide that option due to technical challenges..
  2. Parents can suggest their own hourly rate for specific tutors, check our for example how to suggest your price features works for our breakdancing instructors.  This concept of suggesting your price is applicable to any subject, meaning parents can suggest your price if the price they see is not affordable to them or they do not like it.
  3. We specialize in mathematics tutoring local and online our page is providing best online or local mathematical tutoring options in NY and CT ranging from online math tutors, hybrid local math tutors, to traditionally based math tutors to Fairfield, Westchester, and New Haven County residents.
  4. We create our own Praxis 2 study guides for Biology exams helping educators become certified teachers. Take a look at one
  5. We provide FREE workshops for college students taking biology CLEP exam
  6. We provide Local and Online Tutoring for a variety of match making cases.
  7. We are not only match making company, but also have another model of tutoring business operated under, where students do not even have to work through the agency based CallMyTutor model, and instead can find tutors on their own and get matched on their own, no agency recurring commission fee is applied in this model, there is a $15 fee on this site to exchange personal contact info with the tutor. In exchange for that $15 tutor agrees to provide first free 1-hour lesson.  Not bad of a bargain considering that no recurring agency fee is ever applied from every hour.               



Several Use Cases for the type of Tutoring Match scenarios we handle

Matchmaking students with multiple tutors for Academic Exam

         Students who need help in specific Exam (for example for list of exams that we specialize in is visit StudyGuide.NET our sister site) but exam containing multiple subjects, for example, math, English, the science we can provide a custom based match.  This is typical in cases of education based teaching certification exam or SAT exams or any other exams were when preparing for it requires simply expertise of multiple subject areas. 

     With other businesses out there, there is no such option to provide a custom match, there is no analysis involved, in evaluating what Norwalk parent/student needs and simply no method for the student to work within a reasonable budget.  We happen to be custom matchmaking tutoring agency with lower commission fees than most of the other competitors in CT or NY, additionally, we offer high-quality matchmaking services, with much better quality then any other matchmaking agency in the region. 

Coordinating the effort for having multiple tutors matched with the single student can be a dauting task.  We help students and parents of students in Fairfield and Westchester County get matched with multiple subject tutors.  For example, SAT test is one of the tests that have both Math and English.   It's tough to find a tutor who can do both, simply because not everyone is an expert in both math and English.   In such cases, we can help with matchmaking students with multiple local subject matter tutors.

Matchmaking event organizers with tutors for non-academic subject such as Breakdancing, Piano, Guitar

        You tell us what you are looking for and we can help you get matched with the proper expert, take a look at our breakdancing instructors and how we match make for example breakdancing instructors with event organizers or students who want to learn how to breakdance, or for event organizers who are attempting to host a party or event that require subject matter expert in specific set of expertise. Regardless if it's expertise in personal training, breakdancing, music or private lessons we can help with making the match happen.   Our dedicated team of matchmaking specialists can help event organizers or students with the custom match.  Our tutors can either come directly to your home in Norwalk CT, Westport, Wilton or Darien, Stamford, New Canaan or any other area of Fairfield, Westchester or New Haven County.

Matchmaking students with multiple types of Math tutors either Local or Online.

         We realize that sometimes affordability comes as part of the equation when attempting to find a reliable academic math tutor in your area.  We realize that finding the right local math tutor in your area can be a challanging task especially considering the fact that local math tutors simply charge more money then online math tutor.  Which is why we provide a flexible match option for students who are interested in local math tutor and online math tutor. 

We can match make students with local math expert to come down directly to student's home in Norwalk CT to provide highest level of learning effectiviness as well as individualized attention, and improve chances of student getting better grades in math, additionally we can provide online math tutor as supplemenetary method for studying math in cases where local tutor is too expensive and additional supplementary math help is needed from an online math tutor for homework help for example, the best part about this, is that we have the best online math tutoring technology, and dedicated math whiteboard specifically designed to help high school and students learn math remotely.



Matchmaking future teachers and educators with teaching certification expert to help educators pass teaching cert test.

        We realize teaching certification exam can be tough, which is why we tailor our matchmaking expertise not only towards k-12 audience but also towards future teachers or educators attempting to pass their teaching certification exam.  Hence if you have a specific teaching certification test that you are preparing for we can help you get matched with the local subject matter expert, or online. 

Our analysts review teaching certification exam on our sister site then search our database of tutoring sites, ranging from, tutor-ads, custom blog sites, facebook site, social media sites, and many other sites to find appropriate teaching certification expert, once our matchmaking analysts find teaching certification test prep expert we recruit this expert into our proprietary matchmaking platform and present profile of this expert to student who needs help in teaching certification exam. 

        In certain cases we find it easier to match make students with online subject matter expert in specific teaching certification exam than let's say a local tutor in Norwalk CT, hence if we can not find you local subject matter expert in Norwalk CT or near Norwalk CT, then we can assist you in finding one online, our online subject matter experts will utilize online video conferencing whiteboard solution to help students prepare for teaching certification exam. 



Why if you are an educator it make sense to ask for help from Tutoring Services, LLC when needing help in Teaching Certification exam?

    One of the reasons why it's a good idea to get help from Tutoring Services, LLC to help you get matched with proper subject matter expert in your teaching certification exam is because Tutoring Services, LLC not only specializes in match making students (future eduators) with tutors, but also create test prep teacher certification material as well, we specialize in several teaching certification academic subjects and have experts who can help you prepare for your exam online.  For example view our Biology Teaching certification material for praxis 2 exam for example.

       Not only do we help get matched with the subject matter experts in specific teaching certification exam but we also help, educators these very same educators who do end up passing teaching certification exam get tutoring jobs.  Hence we believe that passing teaching certification exam is not only beneficial from the standpoint of educator becoming a teacher and getting a job in the school district, but it's also beneficial form the perspective of being able to earn more money in comparison to someone who is not teacher certified expert in the state of CT or NY.  To consider becoming one of the independent contractors in Westchester or Fairfield County NY feel free to vist this link


Match making tutors with students for long term and short term basis

         Every customer is important to us regardless if it's for short term or long term tutoring.  Our company can help students to get matched with tutors for long term assignment or short term assignment.  We do not have placement fees as other agencies do, we simply have small comission fee that we add on top of every hourly tutoring rate, but in exchange we provide high quality match making service, phone support, background checks and simply better custom match making service then any other agency.  Depending on the type of match making case we work with we either refer students to  in cases where budget is simply way too small and the amount of efforst needed to make the match happen does not justify the expenses, or atlernatively help student get matched with the right expert, where student or parent can explain their needs over the phone and we can assist in helping students get matched with the right subject matter expert regardless if it's for long term or short term tutoring session.

Match making expertise for ADHD and learning disabled students services

        We realize not everybody learns the same way and we realize that learning math or science can be challanging task for gifted special education level students.  We realize that this can become difficult to find a tutor who knows how to teach math and have ADHD level expertise. In such cases we use our network of sites to expand our search and attract special education level teachers who have expertise in math and help such students get better grades.  We help match autistic, ADHD and other types of learning disable types of children with the right subject matter expert.


Match making expertise for students in different CT and NY geographic regions

Is your child during school year in one city of CT and during school year in another city in CT or NY, Westchester, Fairfield or New Haven county?  If so then we can provide custom match across different cities, Norwalk CT is not the only city that we provide our tutoring match making services.   If you need long term tutoring agency to help you get matched with the right subject matter expert, and have unique custom match making need across different cities in Westchester and Fairfield, or New Haven County then contact us and speak to the service agent today!



 How do we make custom match making happen?     

     We realize custom matches by leveraging several websites that are neatly designed together to provide information about exam, and specific section for exams, giving our match making analysts plenty of information with when talking on the phone with the specific student/parent or guardian.   Our analysts handle north east geographical of Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven counties and analyze such match making requests. 

        We tap into our network of Tutoring Sites in Fairfield, Westchester and New Haven County area to extract best prices for Norwalk CT residents, other companies do not do any of that and hence is the reason why they charge more!  While our company charges less!  In fact if you have specific rate in mind contact us and we can help you find the right tutor within that range or we will realistically tell you if it's reasonable or not reasonable rate! 



How can we be so sure that we can provide the best hourly rate? 

       Well because we specialize in specific geographical regions and audience demographics and have strict workflow processes, and access to variety of tutoring databases, something that other companies simply do not have, because they never bothered building such databases and other network of sites in a first place, and instead decided to build single site one solution fits all type of model based tutoring site.  This ended up inflating tutoring prices and making tutoring very expensive!  Therefore instead of attempting to search for tutors on random sites, contact us and let us help you find one!



Get local home tutoring help in Norwalk CT or nearby area from subject matter experts provided by Tutoring Services, LLC

                Thank you for visiting our company's site.  If you live near areas of Stamford, Greenwich,Westport, Wilton, Weston, Darien, Fairfield or New Canaan or in any other areas of Fairfield CT/Westchester county NY and looking at this page, congratulations you have found us, the number 1 edu organization, and test prep/academic tutoring company in Fairfield County Connecticut and Westchester County New York. 

Our instructors offer Tutoring Services in Fairfield County CT



Areas our teachers service Westchester County NY




       What could possibly be the best step to take when you, as a parent see your child struggle with all these brain-wrecking chemistry, history or math subjects? I bet you can’t even stand the idea of your child failing in their class. You will do what it takes to help your child get those passing grades, and even pay money to hire a tutor in Norwalk, CT. Some parents may think that getting a tutor in Norwalk is an unnecessary expenditure, but we say that this step will take your child closer to their dreams.

Norwalk CT Tutoring Services are tailored to the following audience

  1. k-12, elementary, middle school, high school students
  2. College/Universities or Training Center Students
  3. Educators, Professors, Instructors
  4. Adults



Looking for Math or Science or other type of Tutor in CT?

          Looking for a math or science subject matter expert to help you prepare for you midterm or final exam? Tutoring Services, LLC helps you find the right tutoring candidate who can help you with your academic subjects in English, Biology, Science, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and other subjects. Hiring right subject matter expert can mean the difference between getting into the right school or not becoming academically successful. Our private tutors in the form of teachers, professors and instructors from famous universities such as Yale, who can help you prepare for your academic subject.  You can also compare tutors side by side, view best prices, or even suggest your own hourly rate, make your decision of which tutor you like, contact tutor through messaging system or request pre-screening interview with the tutor to meet tutor face to face! visit out WestchesterTutoring sister site for more details..  We offer math and science and english help as well as other subjects, and allow greatest level of flexibility for match making.


Compare Any Tutors side By Side, chose Best Hourly Price Rate or ask us to help you find one!

 Here is for example how Algebra 1 Math Tutors can be browsed and searched for on our central site.


Step 1. Browse for Tutors

Step 2. Review Tutor short profiles

Step 3. Compare tutors side by side and Request Package or contact us to help you get mached.


Here is just one example of how to compare tutors side by side.


Yuu can compare up to 3 tutors.

Cross Side by side Comparison of multiple Algebra 1 Tutors

Suggest your own Algebra 1 hourly Price rate!

Save Money On Algebra 1 Tutoring through Packages!

If you buy more tutoring hours the more tutoring sessions you buy the more money you save!   Simply hit Save Money link next to tutor's profile to view tutor's packages.  Note some tutors also offer group tutoring discount packages, hence be sure to view tutor's profile carefully to ensure you get what you want. 

Math Homework Help for Norwalk CT students

Need math homework help, visit our homework help page for more info.

College Essay and English Tutoring in Norwalk CT, Darien, Greenwich, Stamford



        Trying to get into college or university attending Norwalk high school and thinkig of graduating, not sure how to deal with college papers? Need college admission help from professional expert?  Someone who can help your son or daughter with the college essay submission paper?  Rest assured our Academic experts from Westchester county or Farifield county CT can help you with your essay paper and college entrance advice and consulting process.  Our college essay experts helped numerous students in the past to enter top graduating colleges

         Essay writing is a complicated process and requires right set of tools to tackle an essay.  These tools inculde solidifed english vocabulary, great analytical skill and the skill set of being able to get readers attention.  Our subject matter experts are either professional experts with tons of writing experience or certified teachers for the state of CT or NY who can help your child with the essay submission process and test preparation process.  We have Fairfield County College Essay Experts who can help,  our experts can tutor students from Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan,Stamford, Westport and other locations, contact us to get your College Essay Expert today. 

Elementary Middle School and High School Level English Reading and Writing Private Lessons


We also have elementary level English education, reading and writing experts who can additionally help students learn english related subjects, ranging from SAT English, TOEFL, ESL.  To view tutor and additional info about English Tutoring Services for Norwalk CT students click here.  We also have private English Tutors who service Westchester county.   Don't wait before it's too late for your child to fall behind and contact us today to help you get matched with the right englisth tutoring expert today.  We do not only have English Tutors in Norwalk Ct, but also have tutors in nearby area of Norwalk CT, such as Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan, Stamford, Wilton, Fairfield, Westport, Weston, Bridgeport and other areas of CT. 


Math Science English Test Prep Academic Experts in NY and CT.


           Prepare with the help of our subject matter expert for Praxis 1Praxis 2GRE TutorGMAT Tutor and the SAT exam. We know that being alone in your preparation will do you no good.  Why not get help from our test prep subject matter expert who can help you prepare for your exam. Look at our test prep section to view more info on subjects we offer tutoring for.


Breakdancing Private Lessons for Norwalk CT, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, Wilton, Weston students and Match Making Services for Event Organizers in Connecticut and New York.


         Our company does not just specialize in Academic match making and test prep, but also deligates it's attention to match making breakdancing instructors with students in Fairfield County, Westchester County or New Haven County.  Our unique service is tailored towards k-12, college and even adults.  We help parents/guardians and event organizers get matched with one of our professional breakdancing tutors who can come out directly to student's home in Norwalk CT,  Fairfield County, Westchester County or New Haven County and simply teach student or multiple students breakdancing lessons directly at student's home.

         Kewl thing about this service is that some of our dance instructors offer group rates, making breakdancing lessons more affordable, great option for parents who simply would llike to save money and happen to know another parent who has a son or daugher who also would be interested in breakdancing, and thereby save money on tutoring lesson.  For more details about our breakdancing lessons visit our Fairfield County Private Lessons in breakdancing for kids and adults site.  Some of our tutors can even teach both breakdancing and math!  Helping your kids not only get motivated in learning math, but also learn some kewl breakdancing moves directly at your home or other designated area.

 Breakdancing Pricing depends on education experience and qualification of the tutor.

Example of approximate tutoring pricing for 1 of the breakdancing instructors.





Computer Training for Adults


            Tutoring Services, LLC company specializes not only in finding subject matter experts and helping student learn math, science, english, but also offers Adult computer training to help adults prepare for job interveiew.  Want to learn how to use Microsoft Applications efficiently Excel, Word Power Point, Microsoft Project or any other computer program to help you run your business more efficiently or even if you simply need to prepare for job interview and need to brush up on applications that you simply not sure how to use,  then we have the computer expert at your footsteps locally or online , someone who can train you computer subjects directly at your home in Fairfield County CT or Westchester County NY or New Haven County.  To get qualified subject matter expert to help you with your computer struggles, contact the phone number on the top right corner. 


      To view more info about our computer Training options for Fairfield County adults and students visit here.  Additionally to IT Training we offer IT Consulting in Norwalk CT, for small, medium business and enterprise companies specifically in Fairfield and  Westchester County New York.  Companies interested in our Best IT Solutions and Services  click here. Our IT Services are ranging from computer programming, app development, project management, network design, and support.  



Computer IT Training For Middle School, High School, College Students and Future IT Professionals


             Tutoring Services, LLC helps high school, college, university and adult students in Fairfield, New Haven CT and Westchester County New York area who are trying to become IT computer networking gurus obtain internships, help students with job resume, job placement and provides students with IT Computer Training.


       If student is trying to become Cisco Certified Network Expert or simply trying to get some hands experience, or needs help in computer programming or want to learn computer skills then our company can help for every day life then we can help.  We have subject matter experts in Fairfield County who can train students in PHP language, Java, C++, Ethical Hacking, Network Enginering, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessment and anything related to IT Network Infrastructure.  


           Our IT Training program is designed to get students in the door, and help students prepare for their computer science subjects, or learn skills that no other tutoring can provide, we are partnered with IT Networking Field experts who can help students get hands on experience in IT Computer Networking.  We can help students prepare for major vendor certifications, and can help students get in the door of IT field.  We even offer internships to students who qualify our requirements to work on real IT Programming or Computer Networking Projects with real IT experts.


         We can help students get a boost in their Computer Subject study practices and have method of preparation that will earn them competitive edge over other students.  If you are intersted in IT Training or if you are an Adult who needs IT computer help, or get their house interconnected wirelessly or simply looking to learn specific computer application in order to prepare for a job, we have the right subject matter experts who can help students gain competitive edge in their studies.

To view more info about our computer Training options for Fairfield County adults and students visit here.





Subjects that our instructors can help with include

  1. Math, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics and others
  2. Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Science and others

  1. College essay writing, TOEFL, ESL Test Prep, Reading and Writing
  2. ISEE, ACT, SAT,
  3. GRE, GMAT, MCAT and others
  4. Praxis 2, NYSTCE and others  (menu on the right shows subjects, if you don't see your subject call us and we can help you get matched with the subject that you need help with)
  5. Other Academic Subjects

How our private home instructors help k-12 Students?

  1. They can provide individualized attention
  2. Help Students Get Better School Grades
  3. Help Students with homework
  4. Help Students prepare for exam or finals
  5. Help Students be more confidence.


What makes us different from other companies?

       We have created flexible educational marketing platform to allow instructors, professors, and teachers in the state of CT and NY to work with Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractors delivering academic educational services in math,science and english directly to student's homes.  With our propriatory recruitment platform, unique edu learning programs, carefuly crated optional study guides and highly specialized subject matter expert delivered directly to your door or online waiting to assit you with your academic test prep needs we are able to provide high quality tutoring services for k-12 grade level students of New Canaan, Darien high school tutors, Weston, Greenwich, Rye, Stamford , Westport CT private lessons




Our Tutors offer affordable prices, ensure you review instructors' discount packages!


       To see Norwalk CT and nearby area tutoring prices simply browse subject (in the right menu of this page) of interest on our site, for example algebra, or english and if instructor is available and listed on our site, they would be shown in corresponding subject where students can view their short profile, based on subjects tutor offer, grade level, view prices, discount packages instructors offer where the more tutoring sessions you buy the more you save.  Make sure you read full tutor's profile info prior to making your decision.  You can always contact us by the phone number on the top right corner of this site where you can always discuss your needs with us and we can help you find local and affordable tutor within your budget, even if you do not see one on our site. 

       You can also contact us to help you find the right tutor based on your suggested price, and we will tell you if the pice that you are looking for in this region makes sense and assist with helping you get matched with the right tutor, or alternatively refer you to our sister site if we see that student's budget is too low or provide suggestion for either self study guided material or online based material, depending on the subject of expertise you are looking to get help with.  We specialize in multiple subjects and multiple exams for list of Academic Subjects, ranging from physics, chemistry, science, biology, math and exams such as Toefl, GRE, SAT, Praxis, GMAT, GED etc.



Studying for Your Accounting Exam?  When are you planning on sitting your CPA exam?

Find out how you can prepare for your exam with the local tutor or if you can't afford local tutor, we also list accounting study guides for your CPA certfication conviniently listed together with tutors.   For best and most maximum learning effectiviness consider studying for your CPA accounting exam with both local tutor and Study Guides.




CT Tutoring Services are reliable and our instructors provide 1st 1 hour lesson Risk Free Gurantee,

Meaning if you are not satisifed with your first 1 hour of tutoring for whatever reason you do not have to pay anything.  All Tutors agree to that rule when signing their contract.


Our tutors can offer tutoring services for students attending any of the following schools

High Schools Grade 9 - 12

  • Norwalk High School
  • Brien McMahon High School
  • Briggs High School

Elementary and Junior High and Special Schools Grade k-6

  • Brookside
  • Columbus
  • Cranbury
  • Fox Run
  • Jefferson
  • Kendall
  • Marvin
  • Naramake
  • Rowayton
  • Silvermine
  • Tracey
  • Wolfpit

Middle Schools Grades 6-8

  • Nathan Hale Middle School
  • Ponus Ridge Middle School
  • Roton Middle School
  • West Rocks Middle School


Colleges and Universities

  • Norwalk Community College
  • University of Phoenix Fairfield County campus is at 535 Connecticut Ave. Suite 400
  • Post University opened a "regional center" in Norwalk in the Fall of 2008.

Colleges, Universities and Vocational Schools


Is your child attending any of the schools above or any other cities in Fairfield County CT?

Find out Reviews and Ratinges for CT Schools, teachers and professors here.




Why prepare for your Academic exam with the help of a local tutor?

       Private home tutor is the best companion in learning. We all know that not all information fed to students is easily absorbed especially when they are not really putting their focus on the topics in their everyday classes. We should also put into consideration the fact that not all individuals are born with intellect like Einstein, so some may really need some help. Homework help are also offered by the tutors in Norwalk in cases that students find a hard time answering their home works and take-home activities or even exams. In this way, student’s judgement and understanding capabilities are challenged and enhanced since every answer that the students get has a corresponding explanation or basis from the private tutor a parent hires. Not only that tutors in Norwalk also constructs study guides to help students practice their analysing skills, but also encourage students to try doing things on their own especially during self-study hours.



What type of grade levels and exams and subjects tutor cover?

Elementary tutoring, Middle School tutoring, high School tutoring and College Tutoring are the specialty of our tutors in Norwalk, CT. See, they can basically help you in all aspects of your educational struggles. Even professionals and college students hire a tutor to help them in their preparation on their Praxis 1, Praxis 2, GRE Tutor, GMAT Tutor and the SAT examinations. Our tutors are exceptional in their field of practice, thus giving students an assurance of quality mentoring and teaching. We assure you one thing; we will do what it takes to help you pass that exam and pull up your grades!

So what are you waiting for? Hire a tutor in Norwalk, CT now and make a difference in your children’s class standing. Take this step and help your child reach his dreams. Call us on the number found in the upper right part of your screen, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Start to make the difference and make a call as soon as you read this!


 Can't afford Science tutor? Learn with Supplementary study guides!

edu-icons   Study Guides for Students in Norwalk CT

   Grade Level Study Guides Available, k-12, College

  Our materials cover Biology, Physics, Chemistry + More!

   Science Teaching Certification Test Prep Help

  We also help Science Educators and future Teachers!

 Learn Social Science with the help of our Study Guides!

 Best Social Science Test Prep and Subject Help in CT

 Prep for Law, History, Economics, Education

 Great supplementary study for k-12, college students

Social Science Teaching Certification Test Prep Help


Math is easy as 1, 2, 3 with our Test Prep Study Guides

 math-edu-icon Mathematics Help for New Canaan CT Students

  Prep for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc

 Great supplementary study for k-12, college students

 Mathematics Teaching Certification Test Prep Help


Local and Online Test prep for Educators and Future Teachers in the State of CT and NY


Teachers of NY test Prep program Yonkers-New Rochelle-Sleepy-Hollow-White-Plains-Scarsdale


Tutoring Services, LLC is helping students prepare for their mid-term and Final exam by match making them with the right tutor is not the only area of expertise that we specialize in, we also help high school and elementary and middle school educators prepare for their teaching certification exam to become certified teachers for the state of Connecticut or NY and be able not only to teach in the state of CT, but also offer tutoring services in CT and NY and increase their level of qualification and get higher paying jobs in academic and tutoring industry. We specialize in study guide creation in Praxis 2 subjects, as well as other teaching certification exam subjects for the state of CT and NY and can help teachers not only prepare for the exam with the help of the study guide, but also help teachers prepare with the help of an online tutor and the study guide or local tutor!      View our teacher certifications materials here.  To view tutors browse our site or call us to help you find the right tutor.


Money Making Opportunities for Fairfield and Westchester County Teachers and subject matter experts

Interested in making money tutoring other students in Fairfield or Westchester county NY or New Haven county?  Why not join Tutoring Services, LLC as indpendent contractor and help students learn academic subjects, be advertised on network of sites and drive from home to home delivering high quality tutoring instructions?  If interested contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Tutoring Services, LLC going green helping students save money on college books expenses!


Attention College Students Prepare for your School year with Affordable College Textbook!

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services, LLC is going GREEN allowing students in colleges and universities prepare for upcoming school year. Attending College or University in Norwalk CT or nearby areas? Possibly Norwalk Community college or another nearby college?? If so, then why not save some money on your college textbooks by reusing your old university textbooks? Why not take advantage of affordable college textbooks by purchasing books directly from other college and university students directly avoiding the middle man and saving money on expensive academic books? Tutoring Services, LLC is not just all about match making students with reliable teachers, but we are also about promoting affordable education, and helping environment stay green!  The kewl part about this opportunity is the fact that students can buy and sell books directly from each other by meeting each other on college campus and exchanging books and avoiding the middle man!  Or being able to simply buy books from cheapest bookstores online and also save money, or alternatievly buy ebooks or self guided courses, tutorials or .pdf study guides.


Elementary/Middle/High Tutoring Services for Grades 1-5, 6-8, 9-12  can help students in NY and CT using the following academic principles

#1   Motivate students by helpig them complete worksheets and reinforcement exercies

#2   Prepare students for academic subject by making math and science fun.

#3.  Get students to learn concepts and techniques using best study skills principles

#4   Request students to do their school homework and check student's homework

#5   Work with teachers to review school curriculum to stay in sync with school assignments

#6   Provide tests and quizes during each session reinforicing student's knowlege

 (be sure to ask individual tutor over pre-screenining interview of whether or not tutor follows any of the above mentioned academic principles)




Teaching Jobs available with Tutoring Services, LLC as local Tutor/Content Developer in Westchester County NY and Fairfield County CT

        In addition to hiring content developers, we also provide opportunities for teachers located in Fairfield County CT and Westchester county NY to help students learn and get paid for it, great opportunity for Darien, Greenwich, Stamford, New Canaan, Westport, Weston, Fairfield county, Westchester County and New Haven county subject matter experts.  We have rigorous qualification requireiments, including background checks completed tutor profile, resume references, testimonials. 

Our academic tutors who work with Tutoring Services, LLC as independent contractors through agency based structure are automatically advertised on our entire network of local tutoring sites in Westchester and Fairifeld County in respective sections  and get highest priority placement in match making based on propriatory tutor rank algorithm. Some of our tutors benefit from working part time with us as the local tutor and can also work in certain case with Tutoring Services, LLC in content development sector helping us create study guides in academic subjects and exams or alternatively tutor online, hence apply with us today to help you increase your clientelle or simply help you make money in doing what you love to do, either tutoring online, locally or intercombination of both.

Tutors who do not work directly with Tutoring Services, LLC  under CallMyTutor Agency based structure can work as independent tutors registered on our sister site


Best part about this site is that it's FREE! but obviously less chances of obtaining student leads for Fairfield and Westchester and New Haven County students  then with the help of the Tutoring Services, LLC company thorugh comission based business model of  Either or we provide that options as well. 

Our Network of Hub and Spoke sites for Independent Tutors


Are you a tutor in Norwalk CT? Don't want to work with our agency on comission recurruing basis? Looking for independent tutoring opportunitie without agency charging student comission fee or every hour you tutor? If you said yes then we got that option for you as well!  Register with us on site as independent tutor and get student leads on your own, no recurring comission agency fee involved!.  Our tutors can specify multiple subjects in their profile and specify first $15 Trial for first lesson, where this fee would go towards Tutoring Services, LLC and tutor doesn't pay anything and provides first free lesson, this helps us with being able to advertise tutors on network of sites, and helps us maintain our network of sites.  Confused about $15 Trial? 


This is how first $15 Trial Tutoring session Feature works


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