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For Fairfield County and Westchester & New Haven County students in Norwalk CT 


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Our company Binary Fusion is looking for a paid intern who can work in Norwalk CT and gain experience in engineering and design and sketch using 3d program actual machines in a warehouse facility. This is a paid internship, on a part-time flexible basis so you can still continue to attend school.

Great opportunity for senior college students who are currently attending college and in their Senior year of college preferably and happen to be pursuing a relevant degree in math such as computer science and engineering or Information Technology type of degree and seeking to gain hands-on experience and job placement assistance, all that while making part-time income on flexible basis teaching math.


How can we help students who graduate out of college and are good in math?

Or internship extension. Our company Binary Fusion helps interns get into the field get job experience and get job placement assistance plus hooks interns up with the flexibility of making part-time income teaching math and make money on a flexible basis.

This is $12 per hour internship plus opportunity to make money tutoring math $45 to $75 per hour depending on how much experience you have in tutoring.

The area where internship will take place is in... Norwalk CT in a warehouse industrial complex. Please apply only if you know math and seeking job placement assistance and willing to learn state of the art machinery and how to connect machines to the cloud using cellular networks as well as Fusion 360 sketching digital marketing software-defined networking machine automation and programming Linux relation sales databases and beyond.

This opportunity is limited for now only to 1 intern... as of today’s day... it’s still available to apply today by sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name which school you are currently attending your degree that you are pursuing and if you are good in math.


For more info about this opportunity please visit the following link.


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