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How to Find Tutor Jobs in Norwalk, CT

Tutor jobs in Norwalk, CT and surrounding cities are easy to find for qualified candidates who become part of the Norwalk Tutor team. If some or all of the statements below apply to you, you might just have what it takes to tutor with Norwalk Tutor:

  1. You’re a certified teacher who’d like to supplement your income.
  2. You’re a new teacher who’d like to gain additional teaching experience.
  3. You hold a college degree in an academic field such as math, English, science, or history.
  4. You’re working toward an undergraduate or graduate degree in math, English, science, history, or some other academic area.
  5. You enjoy working with people, and you love to share your knowledge.
  6. You’re looking for a part-time job that allows you to set your own fees and hours.

If the above descriptions sound like you, contact Norwalk Tutor to learn more about tutoring jobs in Norwalk, CT, as well as tutor jobs in nearby cities such as Greenwich, CT, Westport, CT, and Rye, NY. Should you become a tutor with Norwalk Tutor, you’ll receive requests to take tutoring jobs close to where you currently reside. Once you’re given a tutoring job, it’s up to you to negotiate your fees with clients, keeping in mind your level of education and years of tutoring and teaching experience. Want to give discounts to clients who pay in advance and/or contract for a semester of tutoring or more? The decision is entirely yours, as are the number of clients you take on and the number of tutor jobs you complete per week. Arrange tutoring sessions in the evenings, or take tutoring jobs on weekends only. Like the fees you charge, the frequency and lengths of your tutoring sessions are up to you—and your clients. You could even complete some tutoring jobs online.

Tutor jobs online are particularly convenient ways for educators to earn extra money—and they’re even easier to acquire than in-person tutor jobs. If you’re interested in working online, you don’t have to limit your clients to nearby residents. In fact, you can tutor students anywhere in the world! To find online tutoring clients, one of the best resources at your disposal is, which provides a safe virtual place where tutors and their potential clients can meet. Just as if you worked part-time for Norwalk Tutor, as a registered user at Tutoring Services, you would negotiate your fees and your tutoring schedule with clients. For people who hate commuting but love teaching, online tutoring jobs are great options.