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Landing a Good Career by Taking the TOEFL in Norwalk CT

Many individuals are aiming to take a TOEFL certification for them to be able to be recognized as professionals in handling the English language. Depending on the location, test takers have to option to take either the internet-based test which is more available in many areas compared to the paper-based test which is available only in areas with no internet connection.

TOEFL Test Content and Details

There are four sections for the English language proficiency exam: Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading tests. The Listening portion of the test comprise of 4-6 lectures with a 3-5-minute duration with 6 questions per lecture which needs to be completed within a 60 to 90-minute time frame. The Listening portion also has 2-3 conversations each at 3 minutes long with 5 questions per conversation that needs to be completed within a 60 to 90-minute limit. The Writing section comprise of an Integrated and Independent writing task where test takers need to write a response to a short lecture and passage they have heard and read and needs to complete it within 20 minutes for the Integrated Writing task and an essay-writing task that needs to be done within 30 minutes for the Independent Writing task. And finally, the Reading section has 3-4 passages with 12-14 questions per passage that has a 60 to 80-minute completion limit. The Speaking section has two tasks: Independent Speaking and Integrated Speaking. Independent Speaking requires test takers to express their own thoughts in answering 2 questions in English while the Integrated Speaking comprise of 4 questions that require test takers to use their English language skills and knowledge.

Better Career with an English Certification

The TOEFL certification is an essential credential for globally-competitive careers. Its results are delivered unbiased, just and accurately-measured which means the results you get on the actual test are the results of your efforts in studying for the certification and indicates a definite measure for your knowledge in English.

The Best Source of Help for the English Test

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